Quick Start Guide

Manage your Healthcare business from with HPA+ Web & Mobile App.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Welcome to HPA Plus. A system design to make life easier for healthcare providers.

The system makes use of both an online web application for administrators and a mobile application for staff members.  

Administrators will use the web application to control day to day business operations such as collecting client data, scheduling shifts and invoicing. Staff Members will use the mobile application to clock in/out of shifts, view mandatory tasks and instructions as well as input progress notes on the go.


How to Add a Client

  1. Click on “Manage Clients” tab on the left had side menu
  2. “Click Client List”
  3. Click “+ New Client” at the top right.

The new client form will apear to fill out.

Once the details have been input click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

How to Add a Staff Member

1. On the left hand menu click “Manage Staff”
2. Click “Staff Members”
3. Click “ + New Staff Member”

This will bring up the New Staff Form to fill out

4. Once complete click “submit” to confirm
5. Your staff member will then receive an email with login credentials to their HPA Plus Phone/Tablet application.

How to Set Up A Shift/Event

1. First Click on Dashboard to bring up the Calendar
2. Click “Add” highlighted in the image below:

This will bring up the “Add Event Page”

3. Select the Client and your chosen Pricebook, type of shift and allowance if any.

If the shift requires their vehicle you can put in the km allowance and then time start and end of the shift as well as address.

If you scroll down you will be able to select the appropriate staff member for the shift and add in tasks for them to complete which will show in their mobile application.

Once the shift has been created it will appear in the staff members mobile application and the staff member can check in / check out of the shift.

How to Add Prices / Price Book For Your Services

1. To set your prices, on the left hand side select the “Manage Accounts” Section and select “Prices”.

2. Here we have the options to “Import Prices” and “+ new price book”

3. If you would like to upload prices in bulk, select the “import prices” button and the pop up will appear:

To ensure you are uploading prices in the correct format you can download the NDIS Price List by clicking the button at the top right. Note: this is an example document highlighting the format to input services and prices.

– Service – Type of service you will be providing.
– External ID – Your organisations External Id number that you choose to use
– Fixed Price – Refers to whether the price is fixed or not (“Yes” or “No” should be input here)
– Day of Week – Standard refers to Monday – Friday however you can input Weekend days ie. Saturday or     Sunday and Public Holiday
– Time – The time in which the services will be delivered. (Daytime, Night, Evening or All Day)
– Price – refers to hourly rate you will be charging the client for your services.
Effective Date – Refers to the date when the prices will be effective.
– Reference No. – Support Item Number
– Price Per Km. – Refers to whether the service has a charge for travel
– Reference No Km – Refers to provider travel support item number
– Multiplier – Refers to type of care whether it be 1 on 1 care or 1 on 2 care etc.

Note: If you are an NDIS Provider, download the NDIS Support Catalogue with the pricing arrangements from the NDIS Website to ensure you are using the latest prices and copy and paste each item as per the example sheet. Once copied, save the document and upload into the “Import Prices” section.
These will now reflect when setting up a shift with the client, you can select the correct price book according to what you have input.

If you want to create your own individual price, simply select the “+ New Price Book button”

In this screen you can add a new price book title and External I.D.
Once submitted you can click the action 3 dots as shown below and click “Prices Details”

Then select “+ New Price”

Fill out the price form and click submit. This will enable you to use this Pricebook when creating a new shift.

HPA NDIS Pricing Configurator

You can use the HPA NDIS pricing configurator to get preloaded pricing by selecting the HPA NDIS Pricing Configurator highlighted below:

This will bring up the window pictured below:

Here you can scroll down and select the pricing items of your choice and add them to your price book to use when setting up shifts.