HPA PLUS XERO Integration User Guide

Billing & Payroll Made Simple.

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Here we will walk through the process to sync between HPA Plus Web Application and Xero Accounting Software. Xero is a third-party application used for the accounting and payroll. HPA Plus connects through to Xero to manage employee, their payroll, all other services.
Upon successful login on HPA PLUS, there are multiple areas which need to be synced correctly so that the information travels from HPA Plus to Xero.

Push Employee from HPA Plus to Xero

Once a staff has been created, to process the payroll or track their timesheet, it has to be synced with Xero.

After we click on Sync, it syncs the employee with Xero and unique code is generated.

External System Identifier is and unique ID between HPA Plus and Xero

Go to Staff list­čí║Open Newly created Staff and click on Sync button­čí║upon successful sync, Employee shows up in Xero.

Login on Xero­čí║Payroll­čí║Employee­čí║Update

Employee profile needs to be updated in Xero. Update additional employment details such as employment type, income type, tax details and Tax scale type.

Upon filling out the information, Employee is created in both HPA and Xero now.

Push Invoice from HPA Plus to Xero

Once the client shift is mapped and billing invoice is generated for the client, the invoice you generate has to be synced with Xero.

Go to invoice list­čí║open generated invoice­čí║ sync invoice to Xero.

Once the invoice is synced, it shows in Xero.
To view Go to ­čí║ Business ­čí║ Invoices

Invoicing shows the amount as generated in HPA, be it tax applied or exempted.

Fetch Pay Item from Xero

The Pay items or Pay groups are items basis which payroll will process, the HPA Plus picks up the Pay items from Xero to HPA.
Go to Xero Payroll ­čí║ Payroll settings ­čí║ Pay item

These items will flow in HPA
Flow in HPA for Pay group- Go to Manage accounts ­čí║ Pay groups ­čí║

To see details select pay item details, it can be viewed, deleted or updated.

Push Timesheet from HPA Plus to Xero

The timesheet is an important tool for processing the payroll, from HPA Plus timesheet is basis for the shifts assigned to the carer.
Go to Dashboard ­čí║ Carer profile ­čí║ open timesheet.

Note: Make sure the timesheet in HPA and Xero has same time period and duration, if there are mismatches, it wonÔÇÖt sync, there is edit button given to update the data at admin level, pay items should be the same.

In Xero to see the timesheet Go to Payroll ­čí║ Timesheet

Once Approved/rejected payroll can go to the next stages.