Manage your NDIS business from anywhere with HPA+ mobile apps.


Manage Clients

Providing a centralised platform to store and manage client information. Providers can upload care plans, create and update client profiles, track goals and outcomes, and monitor progress over time.

This feature facilitates effective coordination of care and enables providers to deliver personalised services tailored to individual client needs. Easily add progress notes to a client’s profile on the go during a shift.

Manage Staff

Comprehensive staff scheduling system, allowing providers to efficiently manage and allocate shifts to staff. It enables the creation of schedules based on client requirements and staff availability.

Providers can easily view, edit, and communicate schedules, ensuring optimal staffing levels and minimizing conflicts.

Staff Time Tracking

Empower your team with the HPA Plus mobile app for convenient clock-in and clock-out with GPS-verified locations, ensuring accurate records of hours worked.

Modernise your workforce management, making time tracking a breeze for improved efficiency.

Document Management

The document management functionality allows providers to organize and securely store essential documents related to clients, staff, and organisation operations making it easy to access and retrieve documents when needed.

This ensures compliance with NDIS guidelines and streamlines administrative tasks.

Invoicing and Billing

Simplifying the invoicing and billing process for providers. It automates the generation of accurate invoices based on the services delivered, rates, and client details. The application can integrate with accounting systems, enabling seamless invoicing workflows.

Providers can track payment status, generate financial reports, and reconcile payments, ensuring timely and efficient revenue management.

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile accessibility allows providers, staff members, and even clients to access key features from their smartphones or tablets.

Downloadable from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, this ensures flexibility and enables remote access to critical information, scheduling updates, document retrieval, and communication, empowering users to work efficiently on-the-go.

Security and Compliance

Prioritising data security and compliance with privacy regulations. HPA Plus employs extensive security measures to protect sensitive information.

The application also supports compliance with NDIS guidelines and audit requirements, minimising risk and ensuring data integrity.

Employee KPI Tracking

Ensure that staff is kept accountable with KPI tracking items such as late attendance, completing client reports & daily task achievements.