About Us

Manage your NDIS business from anywhere with HPA+ mobile apps.

Welcome to HPA Plus, a leading client relationship and staff management system built alongside Australian NDIS, Aged Care and Allied Health Providers to deliver a seamless all-in-one platform to assist with the complexities of running a healthcare business.

Founded by Health Provider Assist, Australia’s number one agency for NDIS registration’s. We were often asked how to make the administrative side of running a business easier so that providers can spend more time providing care. This is where HPA Plus was born.

We understand the unique challenges faced by organisations operating in this industry and as a result we have developed a comprehensive solution to streamline processes and enhance the quality of care you provide.

Our System offers a user-friendly experience and powerful analytics tools enabling you to efficiently manage client relationships, track interactions, manage staff and organise payments.

If you are already a part of the Health Provider Assist Family you will know the support, dedication and resources that our staff deliver to ensure that every provider is compliant and successful in their business ventures.

Looking to become a NDIS Registered Provider? Go to www.healthproviderassist.com.au to get full support from start to finish throughout your NDIS journey.